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This wiki serves as a centralized location for students in Dr. Tamul's COM 250/JC200 class to create a comprehensive collection of course material. 

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Greetings fellow COMrads! This is our course wiki where you'll collaborate with your classmates to create a useful and comprehensive set of class notes for most of our course material. Each week you'll already find the skeleton for the current wiki assignments already in place here. If you're responsible for outlining a section of the readings, make sure you do so by Monday evening and forward Dr. Tamul the breakdown for filling in your outline at the same time.

Once you get your assigned outline sections each week, you'll need to complete those sections with the assistance of your other two group members by Wednesday evening. You're highly encouraged to offer constructive feedback to your groupmates early in the semester. You'll be working with these individuals for the reamainder of the course so it is important that each group learns the strengths and weaknesses of its members early.

You only need to know some HTML to post references. Click here to learn how.

Wikia has a wealth of resources already in place in case you have any questions.   

Links to class outlinesEdit

Week 1 CMF Chapter 1 - Check here for an example of an outline you would complete with your group and a completed wiki page.

CMF Chapter 2

Sunstein Ch 2

CMF Chapter 5

Week 2

CMF Ch 6

CMF Ch 14

Postman, Reach out and Elect Someone

Week 3

CMF Ch 8

CMF Ch 7


Week 4

CMF Ch 9

Week 5


CMF Chapter 10

CMF Chapter 11

CMF Chapter 12

Week 6

CMF Chapter 15


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